IceCream Labs - On Demand Intelligent Merchandising Solutions

IceCream Labs is the only AI high-powered platform that provides on-demand Intelligent selling solutions for e-commerce retailers, brands and marketplace sellers, we assist you notice the most potential of your product catalog by boosting the standard of your product content and creates a direct impact on revenues and operations.

The world’s biggest retailers, like Walmart and the Home Depot, have benefited from our Intelligent selling platform. Deep learning applications on the platform have delivered results with absolute precision, fast revenues 4X for our customers.

Our Intelligent selling platform consumes product knowledge coming back through varied sources. Applications on the platform endlessly method and profile the content quality of over 100 million products and 50 million pictures authorized by our huge data algorithms. This knowledge is understood by our multiple patent unfinished Deep Learning models to cleanse, enrich and optimize your product content. The output of the models will be integrated seamlessly with your existing solutions to assist you reach your business goals.


Madhu Konety, Founder and CEO at IceCream Labs chats concerning how AI and machine learning will boost potency and revenue, and ways in which to stay up with the accelerated pace of modification in today’s web environment. Madhu Konety has more than 20 years expertise as an entrepreneur, investor and technology, skilled working with startups and huge software companies

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