Lauren DeLisa Coleman - Valuable Discuss about Founder at Lnk

A businesswoman with 14 years of expertise, Lauren deLisa Coleman is that the founder retired of Punch Media group an edgy digital content development and strategy consulting firm with former offices in each the us and Europe that specialized in strategy across mobile phone/emerging tech platforms. The PMG company mission was achieved in serving to businesses cultivate profitable concepts and strategy utilizing mobile/emerging technology and integration into their existing business below her relentless steering and her ability to sense cultural cues ahead of time, the corporate created a journal of sure-fire account management, information analysis, relationship management and metrics action via mobile phone application development, QR tags, digital commerce and additional. Lauren deLisa Coleman succeeded in making a number one company specializing in digital disapproval and worked with notables from Microsoft to Snoop Dogg before starting Punch Media cluster, she was used at Viacom/MTV Networks.

She is now the drive behind Lnk Agency. She is additionally an accomplished author, skilled speaker and media personality. She has contributed to such media, retailers because the Daily Beast, Forbes,, the next web, and Business Insider. Lauren deLisa Coleman is additionally a guest commentator on MSNBC, among different media outlets.

Lauren deLisa Coleman speaks regarding the importance of organically connecting with the period information, the danger of brands forward they forever have it right and the way culture and tech go hand-in-hand. A digi -cultural trend analyst, author, speaker, and advisor, Lauren deLisa Coleman is a skilled at deciphering and statement power trends and public sentiment inside the intersection of standard culture, tech of AI, VR and Blockchain and also the impact of such technologies on business and governance.

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